COVID-19 Safety Practices

To whom it may concern,

In order to serve our patients and follow the best safety practices recommended by the CDC due to the COVID-19 virus we are changing some of our processes on how we are serving our clients.

Click here to learn more about the Coronavirus and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

    • The assessment process has not changed. Individuals will continue to schedule an appointment in person and fill out paperwork on sight.
    • The individual will be given and appointment time and will be seen for an assessment in person at one of our sights. If you are showing signs of illness do not come into our office. Please call us and your referent for further instructions.
    The intake process has not changed. Individuals will continue to schedule an appointment after your assessment or via phone call.  You will be seen in person during your scheduled time. If you are showing signs of illness before your scheduled appointment, please call the sight you are attending so we can make arrangements to complete your intake via phone call. If you cannot reach our rural sight, please call our Spokane sight at 509-327-3120 ex. 4 and they will give you further instructions
    Billing intakes can be completed in person or via a phone call. Please call the front desk at 509-327-3120 ext. 4 to receive further instructions. Remember this must be done before you can begin your treatment program.
    All participants are given a date to participate in an individual session at a minimum of one time each month. You can call or make this appointment in person.
    • The session can take place with the counselor on sight, or...
    • The session can take place via phone call and/or virtual call via Zoom
  5. GROUPS:
    • We are waiting to receive an approval, via a waiver, from DBHR/DOH that includes an approval through HIPPA and CFR-42 to enable virtual communication with our clients in a group setting through ZOOM.
    • Until further notice from DBHR/DOH we are encouraging our patients to come to group. We are practicing Social Distancing, by limiting group sizes, practicing sanitary measures and following the best safety standards possible.
    • If you are currently a patient and are feeling sick or do not feel comfortable coming to group, please call the front desk and give them your name. We will extend your groups for 30 days or until we receive approval to do Virtual meetings through ZOOM. You will need to check our web page and call the office every Friday for updated information.
    • Individuals will continue to call the drug testing line through Cordant and are required to come in and complete their drug tests.

NOTE: If any individuals are feeling ill or are showing potential symptoms of COVID-19, please call and inform our staff. It is essential that you practice safe care and stay in touch with our office. Clear communication is essential.


Please feel free to call us if you have any concerns or questions. We hope you stay well and safe as we go through these trying times together.

The ADEPT Staff